ISBA In-Line Swivel with Reconnectable Breakaway


A Simple Two-In-One Solution

Catlow combines our in-line swivel with our advanced breakaway technology to create an all-in-one swivel breakaway. Thanks to its 360-degree rotation, the swivel allows comfortable nozzle use for customers and helps control hose movement while extending the life of the hose. Meanwhile, the breakaway separates cleanly and reliably with a 30-degree angle, preventing drive-off damage to the dispenser and making inspections easier.

The integrated design uses dual poppets that prevent fuel leakage from both the hose and nozzle sides during separation. Two weather-resistant O-ring seals add even more protection against leakage, while accommodating a wide range of fluids, fuels and temperature fluctuations. Our integrated swivel breakaway is engineered to be durable, versatile and cost-saving.

  • UL Listed for use in gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends up to E85 and biodiesel blends up to B20
  • ATEX approved
  • Integrated breakaway saves on installation cost of separate swivel and breakaway
  • Eliminates the need for a Whip Hose
  • Compatible with all gas, diesel and alternative fuel types including DEF fluid
  • 360-degree nozzle rotation for easy handling and hose control
  • 30-degree separation angle
  • Mates with thread types: M34, NPT and BSPP
  • Minimal flow restriction
  • Available in most popular thread types and sizes
  • Climate ready for extreme temperatures -40°C to 52°C (-40 ̊F to 125 ̊F)
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