Max 1 Hi-Flow Nozzle


Automatic Confidence

The MAX 1 hi-flow diesel nozzle has the durability needed to perform in high-volume truck stop applications and service stations. Equipped with automatic shut-off features, this heavy-duty nozzle is specifically designed for unattended self-service and card-lock refueling locations.

Available as a standard or pressure-sensitive nozzle, the no-pressure/no-flow feature enables the station operator to control the dispensing of fuel while the customer has the convenience of a one-hand, hold-open mechanism for effortless dispensing.

  • Certified UL/ULC 2586 listed
  • Rugged, heavy-duty design
  • All nozzles available as Self Serve (S)
  • Unique attitude device (AD) provides automatic safety shut-off if spout is raised above horizontal or if the nozzle falls from the vehicle
  • Pressure-sensitive design prevents spills in prepay fuel dispensing
  • Dual poppet design makes the nozzle easier to open under high inlet pressure
  • Longer spout with Anchor Bushing (AR) available upon request for improved durability
  • Cover and handguard material designed to protect customers' vehicles
  • Mates with all standard hardwall or softwall 1” hoses
  • NPT and BSPP threads available
  • Custom logo available upon request
  • All major oil company colors available
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