Introducing the Catlow Ergo™ DEF Nozzle

Ergo 75™ DEF Nozzle

Introducing the Catlow Ergo™ DEF Nozzle

Gilbarco Veeder-Root announces the Catlow Ergo™ DEF Nozzle, the first Diesel Exhaust Fluid nozzle based on the Ergo™ nozzle’s superior standards.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root announces the Ergo™ DEF Nozzle, part of the Ergo™ Series fueling nozzles from Catlow.  Designed for easy, one-handed, self-service operation, the nozzle is engineered with specialized materials to withstand diesel exhaust fluid corrosion and includes a 24-month warranty.  

Built to last, the specialized materials within the Ergo™ 75 DEF Nozzle are selected to maximize the working life of the nozzle.  Custom-designed, heat-treated roller pins at the drive shaft assembly, stainless steel components, and specialty plastics designed to resist highly corrosive DEF fluid allow the nozzle to hold up to heavy use.  High-tech engineering and design offer a smoother flow for higher-volume systems.  

The combination of the new nozzle and Catlow’s all-in-one swivel breakaway with 360-degree rotation allows comfortable nozzle use for customers and helps control hose movement while extending the life of the hose.  The breakaway separates cleanly and reliably with a 30-degree angle, preventing drive-off damage to the dispenser and making inspections easier.  The integrated design uses dual poppets that prevent fluid leakage from both the hose and nozzle sides during separation. Our integrated swivel breakaway is engineered to be cost-saving, durable, and versatile.

“The Ergo 75 nozzle is a huge advantage for our customers,” said Jeff Denton, Catlow Product Manager, Gilbarco Veeder-Root.  “Higher flow rate means quicker fill-ups.  More traffic leads to more volume through peak fueling times.”

Durability and longevity, via stronger materials and better design
Catlow put the completely redesigned nozzle through the most demanding testing.  Durability translates into longevity and fewer replacements, with a lower lifetime cost of ownership reflected by its 24-month warranty.  

Ergonomics that lead to one-handed ease of use
•    At 2.35 lb., it’s lightweight
•    Effortless lever force at 4.1 lb. to engage the nozzle – one-third the effort of other designs 
•    Patent-pending simple fingertip hold-open clip offers quick and easy handling for faster dispensing
•    Meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) activation force standard for operable parts, despite the gas pump nozzle exception

Better and higher flow
The equation is simple: the lower the pressure drop, the higher the flow rate.  The benefit is simpler: a faster fill-up. Ergo rotated the valve system 90 degrees so the valves are in line with the fuel flow.  This helps eliminate a great deal of aluminum needed in the nozzle body and allows for less restriction of fuel through the nozzle.  The key to the high sustained flow rate is the unique horizontal valve train, providing minimal disruptions in flow, in contrast to vertical valve trains.  

Please visit the Ergo DEF Nozzle product page, or contact Jeff Denton for more information.