Ergo™ 75 DEF Nozzle

Ergo 75 DEF Nozzle


Designed for Comfort. Engineered for Performance.

The Ergo™75 DEF nozzle is part of the Ergo™ Series fueling nozzles from Catlow. Outstanding reliability makes the Ergo™ 75 DEF nozzle a smart choice. The rugged design uses specialized materials to withstand diesel exhaust fluid corrosion, a longer life decreases maintenance costs, and a 24-month warranty delivers peace of mind.

Built to last, the specialized materials within the Ergo™ 75 DEF Nozzle are selected to maximize the working life of the nozzle. Custom-designed, heat-treated roller pins at the drive shaft assembly, stainless steel components, and specialty plastics designed to resist highly corrosive DEF fluid allow the nozzle to hold up to heavy use. High-tech engineering and design offer a smoother flow for higher-volume systems. UL certification and higher throughput make the Ergo™ 75 DEF nozzle the ideal choice for your business.

DEF is a crucial component of diesel vehicles and helps them meet strict environmental standards.  Gilbarco Veeder-Root has extended its DEF solution to the Encore 700 S standard flow fuel dispensers.  The Encore 700 S standard flow will accommodate two DEF cabinets per dispenser, one per fueling position, assuming CRIND is available on both sides.  With DEF conveniently available at all fueling positions, it's never been easier for drivers to buy the products they need, exactly when and where they need them.

  • Certified to meet or exceed EN 13012:2012
  • Automatic Shutoff feature shuts off nozzle when the tank is full
  • No pressure, no flow safety feature
  • Stronger Materials to extend the life of internal moving components and resist corrosion caused by DEF fluid
  • Stainless Steel spout and zinc-plated vac port sensing tip
  • Dual poppet for superior flow control to easily regulate low-flow and accurate fuel dispensing
  • Lowest pressure drop at 10GPM to sustain higher flow rates
  • 2-piece scuff guard provides impact protection and easy in-field replacement
  • DEF Cap Badge available for instant product identification
  • Design working pressure: 50 PSI (3.45 bar) maximum pressure
  • Mates with all 5/8” and 3/4” hoses (adaptor required)
  • Available with M34 thread, design working pressure: 50PSI (3.45bar) maximum pressure
  • Customer friendly and meets ADA requirements with 66% less force required to start the flow of fuel
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