C200CV Coaxial Breakaway


The C200CV is designed to be used with Stage II balance vapor recovery coaxial hoses to interrupt the flow of fluid and vapors in the event of a break. Completely compatible with all major hose manufacturers, the C200CV offers minimal flow restriction, easy reconnection in the field and countless hours of safe reliable service

  • C.A.R.B. certified G-70-52-AM
  • Spring loaded poppet- stop the flow of fluid at both ends of the break
  • Seals the flow of vapors to the dispenser
  • Meets NFPA30A codes
  • 300 lbs. maximum pull force
  • One year warranty
  • Reconnects on site in minutes using shear pin repair kit
  • Field repairable-maintains ETL Listing
  • Minimum flow restriction
  • 1 year limited warranty